Pediatric cancer is considered a rare disease despite 300,000 new cases and 90,000 deaths every year


Unfortunately, financial investment for the development of pediatric cancer specific drugs remains dismal


with only three pediatric specific drugs granted approval in the last 20 years versus 180 for adults


The development of pediatric cancer drugs faces several challenges such as:


Twelve types and multiple subtypes


Low incidence rates


Overcome regulatory complexity


Access to expert researchers


Need of pediatric formulations

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Hidden HOPE


There is currently a portfolio of critical therapeutic targets in academic labs and a plethora of compounds in biopharmaceutical companies that hold the real promise for creating effective treatments against many forms of childhood cancer whose prognosis remains dismal




Regulatory Incentives contribute to make investment on pediatric cancer drug development highly Capital Efficiency and Profitable

The Orphan Drug Designation Program in the US provides important financial incentives to encourage companies to develop drugs and biologics for rare diseases

The Pediatric Exclusivity Act (PREA) provides an additional six months of patent protection for a drug, if a manufacturer also conducts studies of the effect of the drug on children

The Research to Accelerate Cures and Equity (RACE) for Children Act: a major update to PREA requiring companies developing cancer drugs do studies of their drugs in children


And last but not least...


The Creating Hope Act, a significant market incentive for the development of drugs for rare pediatric diseases through the establishment of a Priority Review Voucher (PRV)


Success Story

Mar 13, 2015

       United Therapeutics received PRV after its orphan drug (Unituxin) was approved by the FDA to treat neuroblastoma, a type of pediatric cancer

Aug 19, 2015

       United sells its PRV to Abbvie for $350M and reported $76M on sales for Unituxin in the US on 2017


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