Oncoheroes aims to build deep and long-term ties with non-profits organizations.

Foundations’ role in supporting research and clinical development on childhood cancer is crucial. We acknowledge their mission and thank their perseverance to keep funding encouraging projects that can potentially end up on a new therapy for our children. We would like to ensure that all those projects have the needed bridge for the existing gap between basic research and bed side.

We want to engage with foundations and together, find new ways to move forward all the promising projects. In the end, we all share the same goal: ensure that all children suffering cancer have a better options. Check our research strategy and pipeline to learn more about what we are currently working on.


Supporting a for-profit for a good cause

Oncoheroes has made a tremendous progress thanks the National Foundation for Cancer Research who decided to support us. Their grant is 100% binded to R&D activities from the 2HIT medulloblastoma project.

Different ways to fight together

Contact us if you are aware of a project ready to leave the research bench or you would like to learn more about any of our projects on discovery and clinical development phase.

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Together we can make a difference