Berta Martí Fuster, PhD

Head of Partner Relations


Berta Martí Fuster is a biomedical researcher. She holds a bachelor’s of science in Physics from the University of Barcelona and earned a PhD in Biomedicine from the same university in 2013. Her thesis, “Image processing of emission tomography studies in refractory epilepsy,” aimed to develop and assess FocusDET, a new clinical platform for pre-surgical evaluation of emission tomography studies in refractory epilepsy.

In September of 2014 she moved to Boston where she joined the Madrid-MIT M+Visión consortium. As a M+Visión fellow, she was taught how to identify unmet healthcare needs through the IDEA3 process.

She led the Skin project which had the aim to empower primary care physicians on how to identify suspicious pigmented lesions through standard imaging. After completing the technical proof of concept of the skin project, Berta moved to Applied Chest Imaging Laboratory (BWH-Harvard Medical School) where she is currently applying her knowledge in image processing in CT studies from pulmonary diseases patients.

With her knowledge and expertise gained through fellowships, industry experience and software engineering, Berta wants to help solve existing and emerging healthcare problems.