Henar Hernando, PhD

Senior Scientist Drug Discovery


Henar Hernando holds a PhD in Biomedicine from the University of Barcelona with several years of pharmaceutical industry experience in Oncology Research & Development fields. 

During her PhD Henar studied the epigenetic changes occurring during the transformation of primary human B-lymphocytes. This work resulted in two publications as first author in Genome Biology and Nucleic Acids Research.

Then, she moved to pharma industry and worked as an independent researcher at Bayer Pharma in Berlin, Germany. She strategically identified and validated new therapeutic targets for the treatment of different types of cancer. Parts of her work are described in her paper about multiple myeloma, published in Molecular Cancer Therapeutics.

After the experience in a multinational company, Henar moved to the Spanish medical services company Pangaea Oncology in Barcelona, where she gained experience in Drug Development area working as a Senior Scientist and leading biomarker and drug discovery early research projects. 

Henar is determined to apply her knowledge and pursue her interests in identifying and developing novel drugs for pediatric oncogenic targets with the aim of finding cures for childhood cancer.